Ames: McFarland Park

McFarland Park in Ames has hiking trails and a natural playscape.  There are many picnic tables in picturesque places around the lake.  The map below shows our hike today, which totaled 1.4 miles.  There's a portable restroom in the parking lot and we saw two more along the trails during our hike.  The only thing we disliked about the park is the traffic noise from the nearby interstate, other than that, it's great!

The Touch-A-Life Trail is 1.5 miles and it's a smooth, paved trail that loops around the lake.

The Red Trail (aka George H. Clark St. Trail) is a forested, soft-surface trail that's 0.47 miles in length.

At the end of our hike, my boys played in the natural playscape area, which is behind the Conservation Center.  The playscape includes a building area, a music area, a climbing area and a dirt digging area.