Story County:U-Pick Strawberries at Center Grove Orchard


We really enjoyed picking strawberries at Center Grove Orchard today.  Their strawberry patch is new this year and they've done a great job with it.  We lived in Florida for 7 years prior to moving to Iowa and picked many strawberries there.  None of the Florida berries were as good as the ones we got today.

To get to the strawberry fields, you hop aboard a hay wagon for a short ride.  Once there, you pay for either a quart or gallon container and you'll be directed to a row with lots of berries ready to pick.  We quickly filled a gallon container.

I looked at the list of activities ahead of time so my kiddos knew what to expect because there are fewer activities available now compared to fall.  They missed their favorites like the jumping pillow and big slide, but ended up being very entertained by the activities available.

They spent the longest time in the corn pool, which was definitely their favorite activity.  Before leaving, we stopped at the Hay Cafe where they enjoyed strawberry donuts.  We bought the 2-day pass and are looking forward to vsiting again during strawberry season.