Minnesota: Minnehaha Regional Park [Twin Cities Area]


Minnehaha Regional Park is a great urban park.  There are hiking trails, 1 53-foot waterfall, creek splashing, two playground areas and a wading pool.

Below is a photo of a creek splashing area that was empty during our 10 am hike, but filled with kids when we returned to the same area at 1 pm today.

My boys and their cousins loved the hike, especially this area where they could climb.

The creek splashing area was a lot of fun.  I just wished we had swimsuits and water shoes with us.

Below are photos of the playground in the Wabun Picnic Area, which is where the wading pool is too.  We didn't get a chance to check out the other playground, which is in the North Plateau Area.

My kids really liked this playground.  There's a separate play area for toddlers and a large sand play area.  Restrooms are nearby.