Saylorville Lake: 2021 Red Feather Prairie Maze


The annual Prairie Maze is now available at Red Feather Prairie.  This year it's a crossword puzzle with clues throughout the maze.  There are two parking lots, with the first lot being closer to the start of the maze.  There are also restrooms available at the start.  You'll know you're in the right spot when you spot the scarecrow pictured below.

Grab a puzzle sheet from the box and head out on the path.  I recommend bringing a clipboard and pen, if you want to complete the crossword puzzle during your hike.

The trails were scratching all of our legs, so I recommend wearing long pants for the prairie maze hike.

After completing the maze, we headed west on the Neal Smith Trail.

The paved trail curves north, but you can continue west on a dirt trail toward the lake.

It's a pretty spot to hike, but be warned that people like to party in this area.  We found a lot of beer cans as we got closer to the lake.