Bondurant: Geisler Farms


Geisler Farms in Bondurant has some great fall activities plus a pumpkin patch, but sadly this is their final season.  There are two areas to select pumpkins from, one with pre-cut pumpkins and another where you cut them off the vine.  We picked some from each, and I was thankful my husband had his swiss army knife along to cut the pumpkins. 

The corn maze at Geisler Farms is amazing.  My boys really enjoyed it.  My tips are to wear shoes that can get muddy and use the restroom ahead of time because it takes awhile to complete.  The goal is to find all 20 fence posts and then you can redeem your punched card for a Casey's pizza coupon.

After the maze, they enjoyed rolling, sliding, jumping, swinging and tractor pulling.

The only part of our visit we didn't like was the food.  We had lunch there and the food was mediocre.  That being said, I still highly recommend visiting Geisler Farms, just plan to have lunch elsewhere.