Altoona: Adventureland Park


We visited Adventureland in Altoona for the first time today and my kids loved it.  They rode their first roller coaster and were happy they're 48" tall since that was the minimum height for many of the rides.  They loved the playground and spent so much time playing there it made me wonder if we should have gone to a park instead due to the high cost of admission.  

We paid $170 for four tickets plus parking, and tickets today were cheaper than usual because the water park isn't open yet.  There's also the cost of food because no outside food or drink is allowed.  You can get a re-entry stamp and go out to your car to eat, but we preferred the ease of staying in the park.  Among the four of us, we tried two different lunch places and three snack places.  The food was hit or miss, but not crazy expensive, which was nice.

We arrived right when they opened at 10 am, and the ride lines were very short.  By 3 pm, the lines for the roller coasters were over an hour long.  Overall, we enjoyed our time at Adventureland and are glad we finally checked it out, but it will likely be awhile before we return.