West Des Moines: Smash Park


We ate lunch and played games at Smash Park in West Des Moines today.  It was our first time there and it's a little confusing when you first arrive.  There's a front desk type area when you first walk in, but it's not staffed.  It turns out that you walk all the way to the back to order food and then find a table.  The food area is very similar to a concession stand, although the food is slightly better.

My kids loved that there were games on the tables to play while we waited for our food.  They played Connect Four and Jenga.  The kid meals they chose were mini corn dogs and mac & cheese, both came with fries.  I ordered the pepperoni flatbread.  The food was ok and I'd eat there again, but only if my kids really wanted to.

After eating, we bought an arcade card (very similar pricing to other arcades in the metro area) and played some games.  There are two small arcade areas near the entrance and a bigger area in the back.  The bigger area was closed in morning and evening for special events today, but thankfully was open during our afternoon visit.  

When our arcade card ran out of credits, we tried the free games which were a hit with my boys.  They especially liked playing foosball and ping pong.  Pickleball is also an option at Smash Park for an hourly fee.  They have three indoor courts and two outdoor courts.