Grimes: Old School Pinball & Arcade


Due to the rainy weather today, we decided to check out Old School Pinball & Arcade in Grimes for the first time.  I had forgotten there was a charge for everyone, but thankfully we were allowed to pay for just kids since only they would be playing.  She said an exception can be made when they're not busy but usually adults have to pay too.  

There's a large area with tables, but the only food sold there is ice cream.  The gaming area is so crowded that I wish the tables could be removed so there was more space between the games.  It's hard to get around people who are playing and impossible if people are back to back playing games.

My kids enjoyed pinball but struggled with how to play the older style games that my husband and I grew up playing.  It was interesting to see who was there on a Saturday afternoon.  There were a lot of guys without kids and a few dads with kids.  I was the only female there.