AMES: Emma McCarthy Lee Park


Emma McCarthy Lee Park in Ames has two playgrounds, trail access to Munn Woods, a paved trail and tennis courts.  Today, my kids played at playground #2 in the lower area and we hiked to Munn Woods.  Last year, we checked our playground #1 at the park in the upper area.

Play Structure: Ages 5-12 
Surface: wood chips
Swings: none
Restrooms: modern (near tennis courts)
Parking: parking lot near playground

Paved Trail

Crab Apple Shelter (on the paved trail)

Playground #2

Playground #2

Playground #2

Butternut Shelter (near playground #2)

West Trailhead for Munn Woods

Trail to Munn Woods

Hike to the Hickory Drive Trailhead