SAYLORVILLE LAKE: Hiking at Red Feather Prairie


Our final hike of the year was from Red Feather Prairie to Saylorville Lake.  It's 1.8 miles round trip, parking in the furthest area on the east side.  We parked there because we looked for a geocache along the paved path near the restroom (which is open year-round).  It was pretty easy to find, which is always ideal when searching with kids.  

When the Neal Smith trail curves north, keep heading east on the dirt trail toward the lake.  Once you get to the fire pit area that seems to be popular with people who leave beer cans behind, look for a trail that heads down to the lake.  It's overgrown in the summer, but fairly easy to follow in the winter.  Just a word of warning though, we encoutered a lot of dog poop along that path today.