NEBRASKA: Prehistoric Putt Mini Golf in Omaha


One of my kids loves mini golf, but the Des Moines area doesn't have any indoor options, so he was very excited to go to Prehistoric Putt during our weekend trip to Omaha.  It's by far the best mini golf course we've been to.  

There are two courses and they both had interesting elements such as a slide, a foosball table, a baseball bat and tee, and Jursassic Spinners to mix things up with instructions such as hitting the ball with the club behind your back.

For kids, the cost is $6 for 18 holes or $9 for 36 holes.  I love that they don't make adults pay to walk with kids, as we've encountered at other mini golf courses.  

They also have two other games that looked interesting.  One is setup like a pool table and is played with soccer balls.  The other is setup like Connect Four and played with golf balls.  Those are an additional charge, $5 for Soccer Pool, $3 for Connect Fore.