MISSOURI: Hiking at Cliff Cave County Park


Cliff Cave County Park in the south St. Louis area is a great place to hike.  The park is located along the Mississippi River and has both paved trails and wooded nature trails.  We stuck to the paved trails today due to muddy conditions.

We parked in the upper parking lot and followed the paved trail down to the river.  Along the route, you'll cross a bridge and see the cave that the park is named after.  In the mid-1800s, the cave was used as a wine cellar.  The Cliff Cave Wine Company built the rock walls at the entrance to the cave.

The cave is now closed to protect the five species of bats that reside inside Cliff Cave, including the federally endangered Gray Bat and Indiana Bat.  Our total hike down to the river and back was 1.48 miles.  There are year-round restrooms next to the upper parking lot.