MacRae Park is known for the EMC Overlook which provides an awesome view of downtown Des Moines.  It's a triangular viewing platform, which is 96 feet long extending from a bluff and pointing toward the Iowa state capitol.  There's also a telescope viewing area and parking nearby. 

After entering the park, you'll come to the EMC Overlook first on the one-way road.  Keeping winding around the park road to find the Larry E. Moore Nature Playscape on the southeast side of the park.  Alternatively, if you're only visiting the playscape you can enter from Davis Rd.

The new playscape is an excellent addition to MacRae Park.  It has water play, a sand area with diggers, one saucer swing, logs to climb, seasonal modern restrooms and a picnic shelter.  There's a parking area near the playscape and across from the playscape is the start of the new nature trail that connects to the boardwalk.  We didn't get a chance to check it out today, but there's a map showing the trail at the end of this post.