DES MOINES: Kids Empire at Merle Hay


We've been to Kids Empire in West Des Moines at few times, but today was the first time we checked out the Merle Hay location.  I was surprised by how much bigger it is.  There is way more seating for parents and it didn't feel nearly as crowded.  

Tips for Visiting

  • Fill out the waiver ahead of time (a separate waiver is required for each location).
  • Bring socks.  Sock are required for both adults and kids.  No shoes are allowed past the entrance.
  • No outside food/drink, except water bottles.
  • Plan to leave for lunch.  Admission is an all day pass and you can return with the receipt.
We took a break and ate lunch at Game Day, which was great.  The only downside is walking through the arcade to access the restaurant because my boys begged to play games.  Instead, we headed back to Kids Empire after lunch to take advantage of the all day pass.  It's annoying to wait in line just to get back in, but it is nice that you're not forced to eat lunch there.