Granger: Iowa Orchard U-Pick Strawberries


Iowa Orchard's u-pick strawberries are by appointment only this summer.  I like the change because it ensures that it won't be too crowded.  Keep an eye on their Facebook page for the link to sign-up for a time to pick, as new times are released every few days.

We enjoyed picking stawberries today, but my boys were wishing there were also activities like Center Grove Orchard.  In terms of logistics after you arrive, first you'll pick up a container from the table near the parking area.  Then you head toward the berry patch, where someone directs you to a specific row to pick and gives you a flag to mark where you stopped picking.  

When you finish picking strawberries you head back to the parking area to get your berries weighed.  They will also ask if you want to add any mini donuts or slushies to your order. Then you drive toward the exit where you pay for your berries and pick up any treats you ordered.