STORY COUNTY: Strawberries at Center Grove Orchard


It was beautiful weather for picking strawberries at Center Grove Orchard today.  Strawberry season is approximately the first two weeks of June and the farmyard is open everyday for play, but strawberries aren't available to be picked everyday.  If you're interested in picking, it's definitely best to check Facebook first.

We picked strawberries at Center Grove for the first time two years ago and I remember it being very easy.  Today was definitely not easy.  We tried several rows and struggled to find berries to pick because so many were mushy.  The ones we did find though were worth the struggle because the berries are delicious.

The first stop on the hay ride is the strawberry fields and the second stop is the play area with the train.  We didn't have time to stop today, but it appeared that everything in that area, such as the zipline and combine slide, were available for play.  The main area with the jumping pillows and long slides is currently closed for Farm Camp, however the corn pool is available.  We ended our visit with delicious treats from the Hay Cafe.